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The Client

Abel & Fields is a fictional clothing company for which I have developed a number of materials including promotional digital graphic design and UI/UX mobile prototypes. This project 'Shadowplay' is a promotional campaign created to introduce the company's summer 2018 apparel line and houseware items. Founded by a collective of artists and fashion designers working collaboratively, Abel & Fields was founded on the virtues of socially-conscious industry ethics. Their materials are locally-sourced and all products are constructed in-house at their A&F studios.

The Challenge

Abel & Fields operates within an industry with a deep pool of competition, with each company aiming to set themself apart in their visual branding while simultaneously trying to achieve brand recognition within the same target audiences. Each season, these clothing companies release burgeoning product lines accompanied by fresh and innovative visual branding strategies in order to attract a wider share of the market while retaining their current customers. The question soon became: how do I set Abel & Fields' summer campaign apart from the stream of visual branding aimed at attracting the same audience every season?

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The Process

This piece is aimed at serving two primary functions; to maintain Abel & Fields' brand identity of both ethereal elegance and comfort, while also introducing the company's burgeoning denim line. It is the story of summer. Cool nights after sweltering summer days, and the sweet impermanence of time. I began by storyboarding a narrative and a cast of characters as I would a film/video project. My goal was to convey the story of a day in the life of these characters as they navigate through a time of the year that is potent with life-altering events and self reflection, a breeding ground for memory-making. To achieve this, I elected for a subtley subdued colour pallette, geometric shaping to guide continuity throughout the piece, and copy that parallels this narrative while speaking to a sense of nostalgia.


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Abel & Fields