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Machinations of Love

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Vancouver band

The Charm Offensive

The Client

The Charm Offensive are Vancouver based synth-pop musical artists looking to have a series of music videos created to coincide with the release of their forthcoming full-length studio album. Each single off their current EP has its own unique identity and the client's aim is to have each video carry the spirit of every song in a unique way, a visual narrative to suit the individual sound of each song.

The Challenge

I was tasked by the client to devise a concept that paralleled the song thematically, and devised a storyline that would suit a contemporary love song with a popish sensibility. However, after many times hearing the song I began to shift perspective on its message and pivoted in a darker direction in order to contrast the stereotypical love narrative in modern music. I then rewrote the storyline to suit this aim, moving down a more surrealist path.

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The Process

As the writing phase of the project progressed, it became clear that, in order to bring this surrealist reality to life, I would need to employ more tools than Premiere Pro (Adobe's flagship editing software) would be able to provide. I began workshoping the many features in Adobe After Effects that would allow for the kind of visual experience desired for conveying the visual language of the song.

Shot in a single day using a prop light machine that I constructed by hand and 2 green screens, the process required engaging the imaginations of both the band members and myself in order to bring the world to life on camera. The initial editing phase lasted over a month, editing each clip in After Effects to curate each segment frame by frame, before moving on to Premiere Pro for the video's final edit.


Video Production, Sound Editing, Colour Correction


Adobe After Effects


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Adobe Audition

The Result

The final editing process was a straight-forward operation with few obstacles, as the increasingly time-consuming and meticulous nature of After Effects paid off in the end. The video was successful in its aim of conveying the meaning of the music, yet doing so in a non-traditional visual format.

Machinations of Love